Why Makeup Parties Are So Popular

Girls love dressing up and experimenting with makeup, and what better way to do this than in a group with your best friends, giggling and having loads of girly fun. Getting ready for a big night out is even more fun when you start off with a little makeup party and a few glasses of bubbly. You can style each other’s hair, try each other’s makeup and egg each other on. Maklon Kosmetik If you want to do it properly, you can have makeup parties hosted by professional stylists and beauticians. It’s a whole evening’s entertainment – why go out when you are having so much fun with your mates?

Makeup parties are an increasingly popular choice for girls as young as six. More and more little girls’ birthday parties involve trooping along for a fun day at a salon, or having makeup parties at home. For the youngsters, the glitter and brightly coloured nail varnish are the main attraction – it’s just a more exciting and fun version of playing dressing up games with their friends. Makeup parties can be combined with hair styling and trying on new clothes, as well as the usual party games. Many little boys love it too – but they’re usually not invited!

For grown-ups, a makeup party is more about trying out new ideas, updating your look and learning how to make the best of the good bits and hide the flaws. It’s easy to fall into bad or lazy habits when it comes to our makeup. Many of us don’t make any changes to our skincare and makeup routines over the years, despite the harsh effects of the environment and the ageing process. People often don’t realise how much their skin’s tone and texture changes over time, and how effective some of the newer beauty products can be. A little professional advice can literally make you look ten years younger.

Many professional makeup artists are happy to host a party in your own home, and there are companies which organise makeup parties for a living, promoting the products and giving advice and masterclasses to the guests. They can get everyone in the party mood with fun and games. It’s a great way to try new makeup to go with the latest fashion trends, and to learn how to apply it properly so that it lasts longer and doesn’t run, smudge or smear.

Whether you hold a makeup party at home, or book some time with the girls at a salon, it’s just the thing to make you feel good about yourself. A beauty salon can offer a whole range of relaxing treatments as well as a beauty makeover. There’s nothing more uplifting than spending time with your girlfriends, being spoiled. The list of beauty treatments is endless, from rejuvenating facials and skin peels, to threading and waxing, manicures and nail art, professional makeup and hair styling.