What are T-Lock Shingles?

T-lock shingles are a type of shingles that were first popular in the 1930s and were regularly used in homes throughout the 1980s. The shingles have a T-shaped design that allows them to lock onto each other. T-Lock shingles are popular because of their ability to withstand strong winds and are a great choice for roofs, especially in areas like Denver, Westminster, and other surrounding communities where strong winds are common.

They are mostly composed of asphalt, which makes them heavy and strong. However, over time, manufacturers reduce the amount of asphalt used. This makes the colon weaker and less likely to endure pain from inclement weather. Unfortunately, production of T-green shingles ceased altogether in 2004 as better options became obsolete.

Problems With T-Lock Shingles

T-Lock shingles we’re the best roofing technology available at one time. In the mid-1900s, they were used to withstand the weather

like hailstones, strong winds, and rain. T-Lock scars are still there and surprisingly they have stood up for years. These shingles were made much heavier and thicker than many of today’s products, and as the price of asphalt began to rise, tile companies began adding fillers to their recipes that reduced the quality of the shingles and eventually stopped producing them by replacing them with new ones. defense technology.

In addition to the weakening of products made by manufacturers, there are many other problems caused by the fact that there are now T-lock roofs. For example, individual T-locks need repair, as replacement discs are no longer available. It can be very expensive for homeowners with these shingles, as repairing a T-lock will completely replace the entire roof.

Another problem that homeowners may face may be trying to sell their homes. Insurance companies are less likely to insure housing with T tiles. As a result, buyers are less likely to buy a home without the seller replacing the roof. As a buyer, you have to make sure that the house you buy doesn’t have T-shaped shingles or a new roof.

Insurance and shingle company T-Lock

As already noted, insurance companies are often reluctant or refuse to insure T-tiles. If there is no insurance on the roof, the homeowner has few options. Insurance companies consider T-lock shingles to be high risk. The entire roof may need to be replaced due to lack of available materials causing even minimal damage.

Another option offered by some insurance companies is ACV home coverage. ACV stands for Original Money. In the case of the green T-colon, the ACV will not be large, as it will shrink significantly over time. This not only forces the homeowner to go from repairing the T-lock roof to completing the roof replacement, but it also makes the homeowner pay for most of the replacement out of his own pocket.

Tips for current and prospective homeowners with T-Lock shingles

If you own a home with T-lock tiles, contact your insurance agent today to confirm the type of protection you have. A quick instant conversation can prevent an unexpected and unexpected event on the road. If you are looking to buy a T-green tile home, your best bet may be to negotiate a comprehensive rooftop deal with the seller.