These Sunny Homewares Bring European Summer To Your Dining Table!

Alexandra Heard and Heleena Trahanas first met at the start of their respective careers, when they worked together at magazines such as Gourmet Traveller, Vogue Living, and Vogue Australia. A mutual love for travel kept the pair in touch after they’d gone their separate ways, and ultimately led them to creating a shared venture, Alex And Trahanas.

Bringing a little taste of the Mediterranean to Australia, this curated lifestyle project brings together a selection of linen garments designed and made in Australia, a collection of handmade and handpainted Apulian ceramics, treasures from European travels and collaborations with artists and designers. Their latest collection, La Famiglia, is a celebration of all the good things in life! ‘In these most unusual of times, many of us have rediscovered what matters most, yet the Italians have developed a culture over centuries that celebrates family, food, style and solidarity’, explains Heleena of the new range.

We chatted a little more to brand co-founder Heleena about the inspiration behind La Famiglia! 

Hey Heleena! Can you tell us a little about the latest Alex + Trahanas collection, La Famiglia?

The La Famiglia collection was designed and curated to include ceramics, table-ware, garments, and jewels to help create a sense of occasion and style each time you share your table with your loved ones. The summer edition evokes memories of sun-kissed summer days revolving around sharing home-cooked meals with family and friends. La Famiglia edition and palette has been designed to whisk you away to the dazzling blue Adriatic coast evoking long, lazy, languid, lunches on sun-drenched terraces where “Andra Tutto Bene” …. everything is OK!

What are some of the key pieces?

A platform striped fruit bowl in a vibrant Italian Summer palette, large sea-inspired fish platters in Mediterranean hues, scalloped pasta bowls inspired by the quintessentially Italian striped awnings in the piazzas and cobbled streets, and a series of face plates which each bring joy and personality to the entertainer’s table.

Other pieces within the La Famiglia collection include a centrepiece beeswax and stone candle inspired by ancient Italian Murano glass vessels, and Roman banquet candles from our collaboration with the incredibly talented Tony Assness. There are also ‘Vela’ (sailing boat) embroidered washed linen napkins and some Italian blown glass Champagne flutes that come in a mismatched set of 6 by Tuscan-brand Bitossi.

Where are your pieces sourced from, and how are they made?

Our ceramics are by a very small artisan from a town famous for its ceramics in Puglia, Southern Italy.  It was incredible to witness their delightful way of creating pieces.  The ceramicist sits on a timber stool with shutter doors that open out to the cobbled streets and white painted village, whilst listening to opera and drinking an espresso.  It is absolutely the opposite of mass production. We were told ‘sometimes he makes and sometimes he doesn’t’! The process is organic, it adds to the beauty and interest of each piece.  It truly brings a lot of personality to the table, and with the hand-painted faces, a sense of lightness and fun.

Shop the ‘La Famiglia’ collection from Alex + Trahanas here!

Alex And Trahanas Pop Up Shop
November 7th – December 27th
257 Oxford Street
Paddington, New South Wales

Open Saturday November 7th from 10am-4pm and Sunday 8th November, 10am-4pm. Further days will be confirmed, follow Alex And Trahanas on Instagram for further updates! 


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