Rachel Castle Launches A Luscious New Line Of Premium Bath Towels

When Rachel Castle thinks of bath towels, they remind her of home.

‘Think about going to your Mum’s house for a sleepover and the towels are all big and fluffy and perfectly folded,’ she describes. ‘They’re always so fluffed up, like PROPER adult grown-up towels.’

The designer’s new Bon Bon range of patterned bathroom textiles combines this luxurious, pillowy vision of adulthood with a fun and vibrant twist. The four-piece collection includes two scalloped bath towels, a bath mat and a fringed bath towel. The latter Nuddy towel is designed for kids, and it comes complete with a classic Rachel slogan emblazoned across the bottom (no pun intended)!

Each weave is hand-loomed from 100{6e2ae54280f7ed585654f15cf6a4725dfc38ea7df88bd2a3f769c63a9454529d} cotton and features a two-tone colour scheme. The simple scalloped towel comes in a shock of Raspberry pink or a more muted Toffee brown and teal, while the Nuddy towel paints its crimson slogan across a rectangle of dusty blue. Each design contains its inverse colour scheme on the reverse side.

Rachel explains that splitting the design across the centre and opting for a pared-back, two-tone colour combo is a calculated display move. ‘The scallop sits neatly on both sides at the top when draped on a rail, and the colours split into two tones when hung from a hook,’ she say, so they’ll look fabulous whatever your bathroom storage situation!

Shoutout to Delly the honey-hued mini sausage dog for her outrageously cute modelling work!

Keen for some Bon Bon towels to brighten up your bathroom? Shop the range here! Sausage dog not included.


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