Krof Cutlery Brings The Elegance Of Fine Dining Into The Home

Inspired by Australia’s love for contemporary cuisine, the makers of Krof cutlery wanted their new range to complement the refined food we love to eat, without forsaking utility. ‘We want to ensure that aesthetically and functionally they stand the test of time, in both a restaurant and everyday home setting,’ says design director and co-founder of Krof, Nicholas Johnston.

An alum of Rogerseller and the Miele Design Centre, Nicholas is no stranger to high-end, functional design. Add a background in engineering and a passion for quality manufacturing to the mix, and you have a winning combination! Alongside friend and co-director, Kristian Klein of much-loved Melbourne restaurant Mr. Miyagi, Krof featured on interior designer David Flack’s table at Art of Dining, ahead of its launch in November last year.

Before settling on the basic prototypes for Collection No. 1, the pair mused on design considerations such as the optimum spoon volume, the best angle for the fork tines and the balance between the handle and spear of a knife. Hands up if you’ve never before spared a passing thought for such precise and subtle ergonomic operations?!

The resulting perfectly weighted pieces are made from high-quality 310 stainless steel, with hardwearing titanium coatings to ensure longevity. The end of each slender handle contains a scallop cutout to fit the impression of a thumb, which is designed for both comfort and leverage.

Each 24-piece set contains six knives, forks, dessert spoons and teaspoons, and is available in matte black, polished silver, and brushed silver or gold. To complete the culinary circle, this month Krof is donating ten meals through Foodbank for every cutlery set sold

Seems like a better time than any to invest in some exquisite, locally designed tableware!

All this month Krof is donating ten meals through Foodbank for every set of cutlery purchased. Browse Collection No. 1 from Krof here.


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