‘High-Low’ Home Styling Done Right, With Lauren Li

Creating a home takes time, but it doesn’t need to be expensive. Bringing together a mix of different furniture at various pricepoints is not only more economical, it’s also a way to inject personality into the space… because no one wants to live in an impersonal ‘showroom’ looking space. By sourcing contrasting pieces from various stores, as well as incorporating vintage finds, handcrafted details and one-off items, your space becomes truly unique!

The key is knowing what items are best to invest in, and where you can really save… and how to tie it all together!

Start with a plan

It sound obvious, but starting with a plan really is what sets considered interior decoration apart from, well, just filling a room with random stuff.

Start with some references. If you’ve been saving favourite spaces on Pinterest or Instagram, take a moment to review those photographs. What is it that appeals to you about these spaces? Try to identify recurring colours, shapes or materials that you are drawn to, and use this as a starting point for your own space.

Next, decide on a colour and materials palette. In this space we have cool green walls, and mainly neutral textiles with blond timber furniture, and some black and white accents. Having a cohesive base palette like this ties together pieces from a range of different price points and styles.

Where to splurge, and where to save

Our wishlist of things to ‘invest’ in seems to get ever longer; the sofa, artwork, rug and of course lighting. But what about the items where we can afford to save? They are REALLY worth knowing!

I tend to think it’s worth investing a little more in pieces that get more physical wear, like upholstered furniture than you actually sit or sleep on, whilst seeking out more cost effective options for shelving, tables and side tables, which tend to be more robust and hard wearing.

A coffee table can be any flat surface for your coffee, and a few magazines! This is a piece of furniture that doesn’t need over-thinking, it’s a great piece to save on.

Shelving is one of the largest pieces in the room and therefore can be very impactful. However, shelves are chameleons, they change their look depending on what is displayed. A simple, versatile shelving unit like the Koala Timber bookshelf is easy to dress up with favourite objects, ceramics, glassware and other treasures. Shelving like this forms a neutral backdrop that allows these interesting, conversational pieces to be the focal point.


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