Eleven Candles That Bring The Razzle Dazzle To Your Dining Table

FIVE / Hilary Green

Hilary Green is a new Melbourne maker we’ve had our eyes on recently. The artist creates kooky ceramic sculptures that almost look like barnacled treasures, dredged up from the bottom of the ocean! The ultimate compliment to her gnarled candelabras are these witchy candles in a range of pastels and fluros, hand dipped by Hilary and made with a soy/beeswax blend.

Price: Candles from $10 – $25. Candle holders from $150 – $250. Available from Hilary Green.

SIX / Lex Pott

Were these the candles that started the trend in 2020? The double-ended Twist candle by Dutch designer Lex Pott have been a HUGE hit this year, popping up in the homes of design savvy people all over the world. They’re pretty much Instagram famous at this point. Doubling as a design objet, these candles give you real bang for your buck!

Price: Candles $89. Available from Jolie Laide.

SEVEN / Oh It’s perfect

Events and Activation agency Oh It’s Perfect lost all their client projects booked for the year back in March. Founder Sammy Hassan wasted no time in rethinking their offerings, using the time to design a range of fab products, preserved flowers and candles.

Their twist dazzle candles are designed in Melbourne and handmade in Denmark. ‘We spent 7 months trying to find a candle maker who could make the candles, we sampled with 4 candle makers, one local, and four European before we finally found the one’, says Sammy. OH, they’re perfect!

Price: Candles from $40 – $48. Available from Oh It’s Perfect.


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