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Big-city rentals that also feature outdoor space are a rare find. Bev Wilson, of Room Sauce, and her fiancé knew they were fortunate to snag the top two floors of a Brooklyn brownstone that also featured a patio off the the kitchen. They loved the space, but, Bev says, it looks directly onto a busy street as well as neighboring yards. “This is expected in the city and not a big deal, but we ended up not using the space as much because of this issue,” Bev says.

After using the patio for a while as it was, they decided to look for a fast way to add privacy. They knew they wanted something easy to put up, but it also had to be easy to take down—they lived in a rental, after all. So Bev came up with a smart solution: use bamboo fences and faux greenery to create a plant wall.

Bev and her fiancé did the project over a couple of days, using zip ties to secure bamboo fencing to the already-existing metal railings. Then, Bev covered the bamboo with panels of faux greenery in a gardenia leaf style that she scored on Amazon, also using zip ties to keep that in place. Add in comfy furniture and potted plants, and you’d never believe this little outdoor oasis sits in the middle of one of the most bustling cities in the country.

“This simple project completely transformed our patio,” Bev says. “Blocking the view of the busy street made our outdoor space much more serene and it now feels very private.”

Plus, she says, “I was surprised by how real the greenery trellis looks and it has held up very well.” A solid endorsement for anyone looking to create their own little outdoor escape!

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