Cabin-Style Tiny House Wheels Baluchon

Published: about 5 hours ago

Tiny homes can be sleek and minimal bordering on sterile, but they can also be cozy and warm, with space for just enough friendly clutter. One such tiny house is a cabin-style unit on wheels from French design company Baluchon.

Named Mogote, after the distinctively shaped limestone hills in Cuba, the house was created for a client who lives on a vineyard in Nantes, on France’s west coast.

The Mogote is based on a double-axle trailer and measures just under 20 feet long. It looks just as friendly on the outside as it does on the inside; an angled, blue aluminum roof and red cedar exterior wall give it a playful quality. 

A pair of sliding glass doors lead into the main living area, which has a fold-out sofa that sleeps two.

The kitchen includes a sink, a two-burner stove, cabinets and drawers, and a table large enough for three people that can be folded away when not in use.

Also downstairs is a bathroom with a sink, shower, and dry toilet, as well as a shelf and a large cabinet.

A ladder leads to a loft large enough for a double bed, with shelves that make efficient use of the space created by the pitched roof.

The Mogote has a spruce frame and is insulated with an environmentally friendly mix of cotton, linen, and hemp.

With its light wood and plentiful windows make it look bright and impressively spacious for its compact size.


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