Birdbox Tiny Hotels in Nature

The Birdboxes sit in the middle of nature, one with a view of mountains and the other with a view of the fjord. Waking up and looking out the large windows, you might feel like you’re in a virtual reality simulation — immersion in nature like this, with a real bed and heating, doesn’t usually happen in real life. But the Birdbox tiny houses are real, and you can stay in them as you experience nature in Norway.

So far, Birdbox has two locations: one in Forde, perched on a hill in front of the Førdefjord along the southwestern coast of Norway, and the other in Gaular, about an hour’s drive south, near the mountains Storehesten and Lillehesten.

Between the two cabins is the Langelande ski resort.

The Forde Birdbox is the smaller of the two; the mini-size cabin looks like a perfect cube.

The other, midi-size, cabin is a stretched-out version, big enough for a pair of chairs in addition to a bed.

Both fit two guests and have a half-bath (no shower, but there is a one-way window in front of the detached toilet, so taking a bathroom break won’t interrupt your nature views).

Both cabins are bookable on Airbnb, so you can bookmark them for when it’s safe to travel again.

The company behind the Birdbox cabins, called Livit, also sells Birdboxes, which are meant to withstand extreme weather while leaving a small environmental footprint.


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