Bellavista Collection’s Booth at iSaloni 2018: Charm of China and Excitement of LAS VEGAS

 Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection has long been popular with people who value top quality and distinctive style. The brand’s loyal customers got used to seeing bunches of new items presented at prestigious trade events like Salone Internazionale del Mobile and Maison et Objet. After each event, the showpieces merge with the core of Bellavista’s inventory and become available to all. So, when browsing the brand’s site, you can spot the items from previous collections that turned heads at trade exhibitions years ago.

Every such group of pieces is unique in its own way, but some of them stand out. Let’s look at the ones designed in 2018.

If you had opened the WHAT’S NEW section of Bellavista’s website that year, you would have seen 26 items there. 20 of them were showcased at the 2018 edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

What is more, 12 pieces created in 2018 are special indeed: they are united under a particular general idea and have the common name – the Dulcechina collection.

As its name suggests, the design of this collection was inspired by Oriental, predominantly Chinese, motifs. Did you notice that the Chinese Zodiac also has 12 signs?

What is more, some of Dulcechina’s items bear names related to the Orient. For instance, the side table Pechino, made of natural marble, is named after the capital of China – Beijing. The luxurious armchair upholstered in red velvet is called Shanghai. A sofa and a bench share the same name Dulcechina, and one more bench is called Tao (in Chinese philosophy, Tao is the fundamental principle of the Universe).

But all this doesn’t mean that Dulcechina pieces are just Chinese-styled. Not at all.

Oriental motifs in their design are masterfully reinterpreted and merged with modern solutions. Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s co-founder and chief designer, said back in 2018, “I would love to enlarge the collection with original pieces, where the foreign influences are combined with the common touch of Bellavista’s style.” And his efforts were a great success.

Dulcechina items not only impressed people at the Salone del Mobile but also became so popular after the event that the entire group is brought together in a separate section of Bellavista’s website.

LAS VEGAS in Bellavista’s Booth at iSaloni 2018 

Let’s hark back to Salone 2018. If you had visited Bellavista’s exhibitor booth (which since the 2012 edition resembles a luxurious apartment, divided into a few areas), the very first attention-grabber would have been LAS VEGAS.

This really exceptional piece – a table especially designed for playing cards and table games – was impossible to ignore. This grand table was the heart of a gaming zone located at the entrance. LAS VEGAS was accompanied by CLAIRE club chair and ZEUS bar unit. OLYMPIA ceiling lamp with its somehow hi-techish shade, made of perforated metal, which was hanging above, completed the ensemble.

But let’s take a closer look at the table. Although Dulcechina items dominated Bellavista’s exhibitor booth at the Salone 2018, LAS VEGAS harmonized with them extremely well. The charm of China and the excitement of Las Vegas turned out to be a perfect match. Well, no wonder: many Chinese have a weakness for playing board and card games.

LAS VEGAS will be a great buy for everyone who likes chess, checkers, poker and backgammon. These four games were selected for a number of reasons. First, these games are very popular all over the world. Second, they are exciting. And, last but not least, all four are games of skill rather than of chance. It means that when playing these games, you are not only having fun but also training your brain.

When Bellavista’s customer from the USA ordered a bespoke table for playing games back in 2018, Attilio Zanni appreciated this idea. “I thought this was a great opportunity and a challenge for me to give my personal interpretation on something not close to my habits and not yet available in the Bellavista collection”, – he admitted. Now Bellavista Collection brand offers such a piece, which can well be called luxury itself. You can well put a chessboard onto a coffee table, can’t you? LAS VEGAS isn’t a necessity, yet it adds pleasure and comfort to life.

Its strong but elegant-looking structure is crafted of solid Italian poplar wood and veneered with natural oak or American walnut. The tabletop edges are made of solid black-stained maple wood, with coasters in brass, an antique bronze finish.

As to the dimensions, LAS VEGAS is 75 centimeters (29.5 inches) high, with a square tabletop of 110 x110 centimeters (43.3 inches).

The table comes with two removable two-sided boards: the first one is inlaid; one side is intended for chess and checkers, and the other side is for backgammon.

The second board is padded with green cloth (one side) – for cards games, and leather (the other side).

As an option, you can order this table together with the sets of chess pieces (16 white +16 black), checkers pieces (12 white +12 black), and 200 poker chips. The sets are made of brass and come with a removable tray for your convenience.

Let’s Play a Game!

These days, people from all walks of life enjoy various board and card games. The excitement you feel when you win a game of chess, checkers, poker, or backgammon has nothing to do with gambling – it’s the pure satisfaction from the successful strategy you devised and implemented.

Most likely, neither you nor your friends are going to participate in the World Chess Championship or World Series of Poker; but does it matter? The process of playing is much more enjoyable than the result. You win this time; your friend wins the next time – who cares anyway?

It’s the fun you have when spending time with your good friends that matters in the first place. So, why not find a place for a gaming table in your living room? LAS VEGAS is waiting for you on Bellavista Collection’s website!