An Ultra Sophisticated Family Home

Mim Design is renowned for creating sophisticated, elegant interiors, and their MLB Residence in Albert Park is no exception! Alongside AdeB Architects, the interior design practice has introduced contemporary interiors to this Edwardian home, with spectacular results.

Mim Design associate Kristiina Reeve says the main priority for this home was for the interiors to feel warm and inviting, and to meet the practical needs for a family of five. ‘Our main inspirations were based around the idea of family, and what this means to a home,’ Kristiina says. ‘A typical Albert Park block isn’t large, so creating usable family spaces were crucial.’ Storage has been maximised via the inclusion of several hidden derails, such as a bar underneath the stairs, a fold-down bed incorporated into the study cabinetry, and a sliding screen that conceals the television. An attic space also contains a playroom for the children. 

The interiors, while contemporary, incorporate heritage aspects inspired by the original rooms of the house. Most notable are the  soft curves repeated throughout, such as in bathroom mirror details, the stone island bench, ceiling voids, stair balustrades, and traditional highlight windows above doors. ‘We always look to draw inspiration from existing elements to help create a story and rhythm to our interior spaces,’ says Kristiina. Materials such as oak floorboards, terrazzo concrete floors, and organic bronze have been carefully selected to withstand busy family activity, while enhancing the home’s elegant aesthetic. 

Mim Design have gone adove and beyond in this home to provide spaces that delight and surprise their clients. ‘We want them to feel that their brief has been met, however they also need to feel challenged with new ideas along the way,’ says Kristiina. The outcome is a distinguished yet practical home, with plenty of space for future growth. 


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