A Sunny New Range Of Planters From Capra Designs

Capra Designs has launched a collaboration with architectural graduate, Juliette Gambert, on a bold new range of resin planters (and one very cute vase) inspired by colossal Roman architecture.

Named after the Roman god of the sun, the resin pieces in Sol were influenced by ancient columns and ruinous classical temples. By playing with the codes and symbols of antiquity, Juliette and Bianca Lambert (owner of Capra Deisgns) arrived at a clear architectural language built on strict lines and symmetrical arches to guide their contemporary designs. ‘We even took into consideration the shadows our new objects would create and the way they would catch the light!’ says Juliette.

Sol is available in a contemporary spin on bold, primary colours (think turmeric, deep blue, terracotta and emerald), as well some softer neutrals. Bianca and Juliette worked with their manufacturers in Vietnam to re-purpose discarded ceramic pots into a new subtle terrazzo , which is an optional colour way for the line’s eponymous Sol Planter. It’s also a gesture to the brand’s signature terrazzo finish we’ve come to know and love.

‘We decided to move toward an aesthetic that is all about simplistic, eye-catching forms, smooth curves and sharp edges,’ she explains. ‘It was essential for us to create objects you are not bored to have in your home,’ explains Juliette, continuing a dialogue of evolution and longevity Bianca expounded last year.

The pieces in the Sol collection are designed to be collected and complementary, each one carefully considered to speak to others in its company and the pieces that came before it.

Shop the ‘Sol’ collection from Capra Designs here.


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