A Masterful Queenslander Renovation With A Next-Level Garden

The owners of this Queenslander in Brisbane’s Yeerongpilly lived here for 33 years (!) before embarking on a major renovation, so design wise, they had a pretty clear idea of what they were after!

After meeting with architects Lineburg Wang however, the desire for enhanced indoor-outdoor living was prioritised, and a simpler vision devised. 

Project architect Michael Lineburg explains, ‘Our clients arrived with a clear ambition for their proposed renovation, envisaging an extension on the rear of the building. Early testing instead found that the removal, instead of addition, of rooms would not only satisfy their brief, but better facilitate the rooms of their existing home.’

Though the desire for indoor-outdoor living is a common brief, this was interrogated at length by Lineburg Wang, who explored various ways to enclose the existing pool, and align the gardens with elevated rooms on the sloping site.  In response, three layers of walls were removed from the formal sitting room, creating a northern aspect that penetrates deep into the floor plan. The kitchen and dining were also reconfigured along the northern edge to provide views to the pool and garden.

Pool fences are a feature architects typically try and conceal, but this regulatory element was celebrated in this project. Rather than a typical barrier, this fence is more of a ‘net’ cast north of the house, which captures both the pool and outdoor terrace. Concrete planters and gardens by Boss Gardenscapes soften the visual impact of this net structure, and are drawn into the house visually. 

This renovation is a far cry from what the owners originally had in mind, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Their testimonial says it all: ‘Our renovation has enhanced our lives in every manner possible, and in ways unforeseen. It’s a total pleasure and indulgence to stay home. It is a joy to share the spaces proudly with others. It is a favourite pastime to stroll each room, wine in hand, and discover surprises of design detail and craftsmanship.’


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