A Fashion Designer Couple’s Freshly Updated California Bungalow

Since Andy Paltos bought this Brunswick property five years ago, the California bungalow has been re-stumped, the garden has been landscaped, and original features of the interior restored.

Andy is the co-founder and designer of Rolla’s Jeans, and he lives here with his fiancé Kasia Zachwieja, founder and designer of Me Full Stop. Together they’ve created a relaxed haven in keeping with the house’s architectural origins. 

Tying the entire home together is a backdrop of crisp white paint, applied indoors and out. There’s even one entirely white room (floor, walls, ceiling!), used mainly as a meditation space. ‘We painted the back room wooden floorboards white,’ says Andy. ‘We loved the idea of having one room entirely white – somewhere nice for some shut-eye or meditation. The room has a really nice feel to it.’ 

The biggest challenge experienced in updating this home has been establishing the garden, with silver princess gum trees, prickly pear cacti, agave plants, and nasturtiums.

‘You would think that cacti are an easy breed to live with, they are not! They are very temperamental and can be somewhat prickly (!) to handle,’ Andy says. ‘The garden has been a love-hate relationship, but we wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, we continue to work with this challenge and find the right species that work inside and out… it took years of mastering and it’s still a work in progress!’ 

Andy and Kasia have styled the house with mostly vintage pieces, soft textiles and indoor plants. ‘We love natural fibres and fabrics in our home,’ Andy says. ‘Crushed linen, throws, big cushions and greenery play a big part in creating our spaces.’

One of the quirkier details is the living room fireplace, which they’ve filled with dozens of folded pairs of jeans! ‘We literally have that many vintage jeans that we originally put them there purely as a storage thing, but this turned into a permanent fixture in the house we love,’ explains Andy. All in all, this is a home that perfectly reflects Kasia and Andy, and their distinct sense of style – relaxed, vintage inspired, and quintessentially Australian!


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