How to Set and Keep the Right Bedtime

Sleep is an essential function for the body that helps with everything from memory consolidation to warding off diseases. That means it is absolutely imperative to take sleep hygiene seriously. A key part of that is establishing — and actually sticking to — a realistic bedtime. Yes, even on weekends.

So how do you determine what is the right hour for you to wind down and drift off each night? And, more importantly, how do you actually stick to your bedtime? Here are four tips from a sleep expert about the different ways you can set (and actually keep!) the bedtime that works for you.

Aim for seven to nine hours of sleep. 

Setting your bedtime starts with figuring out what time you need to wake up the following morning. “So much of what I found in researching best practices for teen sleep applies to adults as well. Adults should

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A California Bungalow That Embraces Its Garden

Garden House is a bright and breezy transformation of a previously dark and inward facing brick bungalow in Malvern East, Victoria, by Maike Design, and overseen by Bancroft and Malone Architects. 

The brief provided was to accommodate the growing family’s needs, including the provision of spaces for working from home at odd hours.

‘It was a clean and neat little house, but it needed repairs, and it didn’t functionally meet any of the client’s requirements,’ says Mairead Murphy, director of Maike Design, of the house pre-renovation. 

‘The two almost teen girls were sharing a room (which was definitely starting to wear thin!), the house had almost no storage, it was very cold and damp. and gave next to no connection to the enormous backyard.’

In response, the designers replanned the existing house to feature quiet spaces catering to the ‘inwards facing parts of life’ (three bedrooms, a bathroom, en

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