See the Intelligent Method This Couple Obtained Round Their HOA’s “No Flags” Rule for Delight

One Wisconsin couple discovered a artistic solution to adjust to their home-owner’s affiliation’s request to take down their Delight flag and nonetheless preserve Delight Month going sturdy at their home. 

Memo Fachino and his husband, Lance Mier, like to make their Racine dwelling festive for the season, whether or not it’s Delight or Christmas. So once they acquired an electronic mail from their HOA saying their Delight flag wanted to be faraway from the entrance of their home based mostly on a rule about flags usually, the couple found out precisely what to do.

“We type of wish to mess around with the entrance yard of our home,” says Fachino, who had coloured lights from a earlier show. “So we knew we may wash our entrance with lights. It was only a matter of getting just a few we didn’t have.”

Earlier this month, Fachino and Mier posted a photograph

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