Amazingly Colourful Abstract Art By Amalia Keefer

Visionary modernist painter, Georgia O’Keeffe famously said, ‘I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say in any other way.’ The relationships O’Keeffe could manifest from colour, line and movement were more expressive than what she could articulate in words, and once you see it on the canvas, her visual language makes sense.

Queensland-based artist Amalia Keefer has more than a similar-sounding last name to O’Keeffe. Amalia’s intuitive way with colour is also the basis for her painting practice, one that is in its early stages, unshackled by formal training.

‘I wanted to push myself creatively, but found the art world to be quite intimidating and overwhelming,’ the artist says on the pressure to pursue a creative career straight out of high school. ‘I just liked to make art as a form of self expression and meditation, without thinking too deeply about the

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