A Zero-Waste Home In The Middle Of Melbourne’s Federation Square!

Nature is the original zero-waste habitat: an ecosystem that regenerates itself, self-sufficiently, in perpetuity. According to designer/sustainability advocate/anti-waste crusader Joost Bakker – it is the standard of these natural ecosystems that we should be looking to when designing new buildings and cities.

Joost’s new project, Future Food System, is a culmination of this expansive way of thinking. Not only is the two-bedroom residence made from sustainable (meaning responsibly sourced, recycled and recyclable) materials, the impressive structure mimics the cycles and processes of the natural world in its design – creating all its own energy, food and shelter. Each element feeds into the production and sustenance of another part of the building.

‘There are no chemicals, no toxins, no glue,’ explains Joost. ‘The walls have been painted with natural lime, the wall system is made from compressed organic straw and the tiles are made from recycled concrete and can be

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