The Nomadic Artist Who Is Always Painting On The Road

Though her permanent home is a four wheel drive on a dirt track, artist Emily Imeson has roots in northern NSW. Originally from Orange, Emily’s immersion in nature began at an early age.

‘My fondest memories are riding through the trees on horseback, where we would spend hours watching birds or goannas,’ she remembers. ‘Growing up in regional areas meant I spent a lot of time outside, it became a place of wonder, imagination, unknown, and solace.’ After studying art at university, completing internships and winning scholarships, she took to the road in 2018 – travelling around the country with her partner in pursuit of new natural experiences.

As a result of embedding herself in different environments, Emily’s landscapes are produced from a place of intense affinity with nature (a state called ‘biophilia’). Deep ochres bleed into burnt reds and splashes of purple, while bursts of greenery or animal life

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