The Tradie Brotherhood Behind Our Newest Furniture Obsession

The design side of furniture industry came second to the manufacturing process for Jack and Mark Fearon, who are a plumber and boilermaker respectively. The brothers are the brains and the brawn behind the Bread with Butter collection – a range of lightweight aluminium furniture pieces available through vintage seller Curated Spaces.

Despite perfectly contemporary curves and aesthetically appropriate colour combos, neither Jack nor Mark’s design background involves formal training; instead, a natural eye for art, colour and form supplements their extensive trade careers.

After undertaking a plumbing apprenticeship while he finished high school, Jack worked as a plumber for ten years while pursuing various creative side-projects – like opening an art gallery on the Gold Coast, and launching a clothing brand with a friend which then evolved into a design agency. Plumbing work took a hiatus as he worked for the agency over in Japan, bringing Mark along

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