How to Break Bad Habits – Real People on the Habits They’re Leaving in 2020

Whether your sense of time crawled by at a snail’s pace or hasn’t stopped racing since March, the year of 2020 is almost, officially, a thing of the past. And while setting goals or drafting New Year’s resolutions might feel a bit pointless amid one of the strangest years of all time, the flip of the calendar undeniably presents an opportunity for turning over a new leaf.

As one year ends and another begins, we checked in with a few people from all over the world about the habits, emotions, and themes they’d like to leave behind. Ahead, find out what they’re parting ways with in 2020—and where they hope to be in 2021.

“I’m ready to stop picking dumb fights with my partner. He and I have fought so much more this year in quarantine and we’ve been working on breaking through that. It’s hard because we’re both home,

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The Top Ten Homes Of 2020

St Kilda is home to numerous 1920s apartments with ornate features, one of which belongs to John Wares, owner of Melbourne gift and homeware shop Mr Wares, and his friend of 30 years, Peter Papadopoulos.

Since purchasing this property in 2015, John has embarked on a major renovation that respects the building’s distinct 1920 architecture by Christopher Cowper.

Initially a two bedroom, one-bathroom apartment, this property now contains three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The new kitchen is the crowning jewel of the entire space, where lady onyx marble, green cabinetry, and garden views harmoniously come together.

The space now feels akin to a European apartment, with the added benefit of bayside Melbourne views!

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