The 3 Very Best Tips Home Stagers Shared With Us This Year

Home stagers are a wealth of knowledge, especially when it comes to tips on how to clean, brighten, and clear up the space in your house. They’re the ones who need to whip your home into tip-top shape before a sale, after all. While they’ve bestowed a lot of wisdom on us this year, here are the three best tips home stagers shared with us in 2020.

If you want the illusion of space, ditch the end tables

Picture a classic living room setup and you probably envision a couch flanked by two end tables. But some home stagers revealed that these tables aren’t really serving a purpose—they’re just creating visual clutter.

“It isn’t necessary to have an end table next to every seating arrangement,” Katie Hilbert and Kari George, owners of the Home Sanctuary, a home organizing, styling, and staging company in Louisville, KY, told us in April.

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Two Inspiring Single Mums, Parenting Under The One Roof! – The Design Files

Steph and Holly are a modern, platonic love story for the ages. Both solo mums and Parents’ Group dropouts, they followed each other on Instagram for a while before deciding to take the plunge and arrange a playdate IRL. The timing was perfect, and the group chemistry was just right. From that moment, they knew they were going to be important people in each other’s lives. A few months after moving in together, Steph quit her job to run Goodspace – a secondhand furniture selling business – with Holly full time. The rest is herstory, and a triumphant one at that. 

As a child of a single mum, Steph and Holly’s story is close to my heart. The world can be a hostile place for single parents, and particularly for mothers, who make up the vast majority of the demographic. A recent report shows that solo mums in Australia are

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