A Wow-Factor North Bondi House That Brings The Outdoors In

After 18 years, the owners of this North Bondi property were forced to demolish their existing house due to structural issues.

The family wanted a new house that maintained their strong connection to place, in an architectural style that would stand the test of time.

Due to the site’s long and narrow nature, the client’s brief couldn’t be accommodated with a conventional plan, so CplusC Architectural Workshop devised an innovative alternative.

‘The clients wanted to have an outlook to greenery and garden, so instead of providing more traditional garden space, we put the garden and the greenery on the wall,’ says Clinton Cole, managing director of CplusC Architectural Workshop.

While this external green wall helped navigate some issues, access to natural light remained a problem due to a large, neighbouring building that blocked most of the northern aspect. It wasn’t until after the construction contract was signed that the

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Behind-The-Scenes Of The Online Store With ALL Our Favourite Makers!

If you’ve ever thought you’ve discovered a little-known maker on Instagram, chances are Kelly Thompson is already all over it. There’s nothing she loves more than finding and nurturing new talent, providing a platform and a place to sell their wares in her online store, Makers’ Mrkt.

But this isn’t just any ordinary web-shop! Kelly invests a huge amount of time and energy in curating an exceptional stable of artists and makers who she works with closely to develop a tight edit of wares from Australia, New Zealand (where she’s from) and beyond. She’s the kind of person who will send you an impeccably wrapped gift out of the blue, just because she sees you working your butt off. To put it simply, her taste is on point, and her vibes are high!

Kelly has had a winding career path that has taken her from photography and styling, to

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