A Modern Update To One Of Melbourne’s Most Iconic Converted Warehouses

When Rob Kennon Architects was engaged to renovate a converted warehouse apartment in Collingwood, his team approached the project with the utmost respect.

Not only was Rob an admirer of the existing building located in the former Foy & Gibson department store (one of Australia’s largest and earliest department store chains) and designed by McBride Charles Ryan Architects, but the client was also his oldest friend. 

Rob describes the apartment before the renovation as eccentric and bold. ‘It had these existing egg shapes that ran over the three levels, so it had a strong concept to it, but it was tired,’ he says. ‘We wanted to honour the existing design, but consolidate core ideas.’

Two retained elements of the original conversion are the apartment’s good planning, and its curved, eight-metre high ‘shard’ that divides much of the floor plan in two. ‘It’s not chopped up like a cake –

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