Trader Joe’s Is Selling “Grinch Trees” That Are Meant to Be Kept All Year Round

Trader Joe’s has brought back its perfectly imperfect “Grump Trees” for the holiday season, and these Grinchy-looking things are meant to be kept and admired for years to come—they can even grow impressively tall if planted outdoors in the right location.

Instagram account @TraderJoesList announced the highly-anticipated arrival of the Trader Joe’s Grump Trees on Nov. 11, noting that each tree, wrapped in a red burlap sack (à la the Santa Claus toy sack the Grinch hauls with him around Whoville), topped with a sparkly Christmas ornament, and adorned in red ribbon, is selling for $8.99.

The Grump Tree is actually a lemon cypress tree, native to California, and when planted outdoors it can grow upward of 15 to even 30 feet, depending on the variety. These trees will keep their Suess-like conical shape as they grow, but if you want to keep the bend, you’ll have to keep

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A Nostalgic Heritage Home Renovation

Alex Hopkins, director of interior design practice Studio Tate has worked on numerous residential projects over career, but never on a house she previously frequented as a babysitter! 

When this family asked Alex to design some bespoke joinery for their 1899 home, the designer decided to go a step further. ‘Upon further discussion, and looking over the floor plans more generally, we found there was an efficient way to extend the life of the home, allowing for the changing needs of the family,’ Alex says. 

The vision was to update the dated interiors (a combination of period features and ‘90s renovations), and better connect the floor plan. 

Studio Tate devised a new glass walkway in response, connecting a former ‘tack room’ (a storage room used for stable gear), turned main dining area, to the rest of the house. This minor addition meant all other works could be completed within the

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