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Many might not find the idea of living in a small space appealing, but IKEA’s latest campaign might just change minds.

Earlier this year, in an effort to prove “that anyone, anywhere can live a more sustainable life,” the furniture retailer partnered up with Vox and Curbed to build their very own tiny house. The team renovated a 187-square-foot RV and filled it with IKEA products. They also installed other eco-minded features such as solar panels, a water-saving sink, a gas-free portable cooktop, and kitchen cabinets made from recycled plastic bottles.

The result is a tiny house that is not only beautiful but also sustainable and affordable. It proves one does not need to break the bank and leave a huge carbon footprint when building a home.

“We built a sustainable tiny home from the ground up to better educate and inspire consumers to bring sustainability into their own lives,”

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A Landmark Inner-City Sustainable Home In Melbourne Is On The Market!

It’s not often that the opportunity to live in an architect-designed, top-rated sustainable home comes up. A newly finished three-bedroom, two bathroom townhouse that is part of the incredible Davison Collaborative is on the market, and its current owners are looking for a like-minded buyer to appreciate the values and mission of the concept.

The Davison Collaborative is the project of an architect, a sustainability consultant and a project manager, who came together to realise a new way of sustainable living. Instead of buying three separate dwellings, the built environment professionals joined forces to create a development model allowing access to highly sustainable homes in well-connected inner-city areas, in a transparent and considered way.

One of the three couples involved in the original project are Sarah Kearney and Peter Steele, co-founder of HIP V. HYPE’s sustainability consultancy and recently Head of Commercial at GreenSync. As is the

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