Paul Davies’ Paintings Capture Iconic Modernist Architecture

Artist Paul Davies lives in a house inspired by one of his own paintings. Usually it’s the other way around: iconic modernist homes inspire Paul’s work. But in this case, his mother-in-law was so enamoured with a piece he gifted her depicting the silhouette of a modernist house, she designed her beach house (brought to life by Blok Modular’s Dan Burnett and Stuart Vokes of Vokes and Peters) in its image. When Paul, his wife Sarah, and their son Arlo returned to Australia after six years in Los Angeles last December, the young family moved right in!

Paul set up his studio in the bottom floor, and got to work creating the pieces which are now on display at Sophie Gannon Gallery. Space Displaced is a series of 11 works, each depicting architecturally significant sites around North America.

The process of creating Paul’s technicolour, architecture-inspired paintings is time-intensive,

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