Bonnie Hislop Is The Ceramicist-Cheerleader We Need Right Now

Is there anything, I ask you, as categorically FUN as Bonnie Hislop’s ceramics? The Brisbane-based artist has spent this very weird year experimenting with the more conceptual side of her practice – life-affirming pottery.

Better Luck Next Year is a series of handbuilt ceramic trophies emblazoned with of-the-moment slang like ‘Um okay wow’ and ‘This is fine’. These catchphrases to modern life have gained traction over the Internet in the last decade, and hold particular pertinence in 2020. You’re doing great, hun! is what everyone needs to hear right now.

‘This collection is a response to the collective experience of COVID-19 and isolation, and the feelings of frustration during this time,’ Bonnie says. The colourful, wobbly creations are a deferent, exhausted nod to a year we’re all probably glad to see the back of. But as timely as this collection feels, Bonnie’s pieces have always been about having as

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