Intricate Bark Artwork From The Top End, On Show At Koskela

In 2020, Sydney-based furniture and design brand Koskela made the commitment for their Gallery to operate purely as a platform to showcase the works of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.  Their most recent exhibition, Top End Bugibrings together 12 emerging and established artists from three different art centres in Arnhem Land, Buku-Larrngay Mulka Centre, Ngukurr Arts Aboriginal Corporation and Maningrida Arts and Culture, celebrating the medium of contemporary bark artwork in a range of different styles.

Top End Bugi combines Top End, a collective term given to the northernmost region of the Northern Territory, and Bugi, the Darug (the language of the Yuin–Kuric group) word for bark. As a cultural practice, bark painting is steeped in thousands of years of history, and is an incredibly important medium for communicating culture and stories, and connection to the land.

‘This story is from a long time ago.

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