An Architect’s Own Momentous Home, Buried In The Tasmanian Bushland

As the technical director of Melbourne-based architecture firm Archier, Josh FitzGerald wanted something special for his own home in Hobart, as well as something he could build himself.

‘On a practical level, we needed a compact space which also allowed for areas of activity and tranquility,’ Josh explains. ‘I wanted a space that was going to be tactile, interesting and momentous.’

So, after coming across some spare land around his partner Millie’s childhood house, the pair set about designing and constructing a lightweight, modular home.

Josh describes the final design as a modest cabin: a simple envelope structure with restrained detailing. Due to its simplicity, the interiors of the house were clad with structural insulated panels (SIPs) to lend some textural variety to the material palette. This contemporary building material consists of two layer of chipped strand board (similar to particle board) wrapped around a central styrofoam sheet –

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