A Compact Heritage Bungalow Becomes A Functional Family Home

When designing small spaces for maximum functionality, interior designer Georgie Shepherd of GSiD likes to be as detail oriented as possible.

‘Attention to detail was paramount due to the scale of the project,’ she explains. ‘So every little feature needed to elevate the simplicity of the design to form a layered, textured and complete space.’

The space in question was a renovated 1920s bungalow, with a new rear extension to cater for a family of four. The client and their architect (Beach DC) had reworked the original floorplan, while adding a standalone pavilion at the back of the property. Georgie was charged with creating a internal spatial arrangement that ensured flow between the old and new spaces.

‘Having worked already with the architect prior to coming to us, the clients had nutted out a lot of the spacing and placement of bathrooms and kitchens, but were unsure how

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A Landmark Collaboration Between Bábbarra Women’s Centre x Kip&Co

The Bábbarra Women’s Centre is one of the most important community spaces in Maningrida, a remote Aboriginal community in Arnhem Land at the tip of the Northern Territory. Founded in 1983 initially as a women’s refuge, today the Bábbarra Women’s Centre is a thriving hub of enterprise and activity. ‘It’s quite essential in the community’, says Jessica Phillips, Bábbarra’s first local Indigenous manager. ‘It’s a space for women and only women to get into screen printing, being creative, and to have something to do.’ At least 15 women, sometimes more, from many different language groups (all of the artists are multi-lingual of at least five languages) come together at the Bábbarra Women’s Centre on a daily basis to work on screen printing, lino cutting and sewing alongside each other, telling the stories of their ancestors and their country through the creations.

A couple of years ago, the women from Bábbarra

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