The Emerging Artist Using An Unexpected Year To Make Unexpected Objects

Having graduated from a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2018, and taken a bit of time off to cycle around Taiwan, artist Lucy Tolan didn’t have much time to find her groove before the challenges of this year kicked in. The Melbourne-based creative has moved through four different studios in the last six months due to the the ebb and flow of undulating pandemic restrictions; but luckily, these unpredictable transitions have proved nomadic and inspiring rather than disruptive. Lucy has made the most of this monumental period of flux to inform both her creative process, and her practical business sense.

In fact, between shuffling from space to space and launching her online store, this time has been so fruitful for Lucy’s practice, she has created an entire collection of new objects. Titled Seams, this body of work is due to be shown at Craft Victoria at the end of

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