12 Innovators Forging The Path For Sustainable Design In Australia

Five Mile Radius, Waste Terrazzo

Did you know that concrete makes up 8% of the world’s carbon emissions? This innovative concrete surface developed by Five Mile Radius turns that production cycle on its head by creating speckled terrazzo slabs entirely from construction and demolition waste collected around Brisbane. Used as a benchtop, table or seat, each unique piece combines excess wet concrete with crushed demolition waste that’s been directly diverted away from landfill.

All designs are made-to-order and totally customisable, meaning not only are they produced purely by demand, but the customer receives a completely bespoke design. It’s a win-win!

Seed & Sprout, Raise The Bar

One room at a time, Seed & Sprout are devising natural, eco-friendly products alternatives to conventional household items in a mission to make our homes completely (and easily) zero waste. Their latest innovation? A locally-made range of zero waste, waterless personal care products that

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A Toowoomba Family Home, Designed To Transcend Time

The recently completed Tjuringa house by Jesse Bennett Studio is an adaptable family home that tells the story of its site. 

The goal was to create a home for a family of five that would endure generations, while containing elements of surprise, delight, discovery and the unexpected. 

It was originally hoped this project would incorporate the brick perimeter walls of an existing 1960s house on site, but these were unfortunately structurally unsound. The decision was therefore made to build a completely new house that would replicate the former two-storey building’s outline, and use as many recycled materials as possible. Jesse explains, ‘The design reinterprets the original brick character of the former 1960s home, and combines with concrete massing which appears to float and dance around the challenging slope of the site.’

The new home has been constructed using a custom brick mix in reference to the previous brick house, with

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