Australia’s Most Inspiring Furniture Designs From The TDF + Laminex Design Awards 2020!

AKWT, Itto Table

Created to be both refined and adaptable, the Itto dining table perfectly balances weightlessness with sleek stability. The delicate timber frame is achieved via a tapered leg and carefully hewn shadow line. All AKWT furniture is handmade in Brunswick East.

McCarthy & Foolscap Studio, JX8 Dining Table

The JX8 Dining Table was commissioned as the centrepiece of a corporate boardroom with the intention of hosting copious meal-time meetings. Given this unique multi-functionality, Hugh McCarthy and Foolscap Studio decided to combine rich materials and playful contours in order to link an executive vibe with loose hospitality flair. The resulting custom table is a series walnut veneer planks joined by intricate brass detailing.

The Design Files + Laminex Design Awards 2020 Furniture Design award is presented by Jardan.

Jardan is an Australian family owned and operated company that has designed and handcrafted furniture in Melbourne for over 25

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So What’s The Deal With Textured Walls?


We’re definitely seeing a huge trend towards textured wall finishes right now. These wall treatments exude a natural, earthy warmth that celebrate imperfection, and pair beautifully with other textural materials, such as raw timber and slubby linen. For this look, we want the walls to have a warmth about them, looking a little more like the baked earth of the Mediterranean, rather than the cold concrete of an industrial warehouse.

There are many ways to achieve a textural look on internal walls, from bagged brick, to cement render… but the trends were seeing most prominently right now all involve one key component – lime, aka crushed limestone.

Limewash is essentially a painted surface that incorporates tiny particles of crushed limestone, creating surfaces that are mottled and matte, with a chalky texture –something like suede. Available in a wide array of different colours, limewash lends luminosity to flat walls,

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