A Sublime Concrete Sanctuary in Ocean Grove

The owners of this beachfront plot in Ocean Grove are a soon-to-be-retired couple who have held the enviable site for over 20 years. With the previous building falling victim to steel corrosion just 15 years after completion, the owners realised a more durable structure was required on such an exposed piece of land. Especially as it needed to accommodate three generations of their extended family once it became the pair’s permanent address!

The clients enlisted Auhaus Architecture to design an inviting home that could withstand the ferocious weather conditions typical of the beachfront site. Director of Auhaus, Kate Fitzpatrick, approached the brief with a sympathetic view of the wild and woolly locale.

‘Our goal was to create a house that felt as if it belonged to the site and didn’t overwhelm the landscape and the location,’ she explains. The desire was not to dominate or conquer the cliffside dunes the

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