Coco Flip Celebrates 10 Years In The Biz With A New Showroom!

When an emerging creative bursts onto the scene with a WOW factor product that the market just can’t seem to get enough of… sometimes a hint of worry about what they’ll do next can creep into the publicity. Will the following project ever be as good as that first winning design?

For Kate Stokes of Coco Flip, there was no need to worry. Since the incredible success of her award-winning Coco Pendant light ten years ago (a design that launched her into the commercial design scene both locally and internationally), the only way for Kate to go was up. Coco Flip is now a fully fledged design company offering a range of tables, benches and ottomans alongside its extensive lighting collections. And Kate just goes from strength to strength after each product launch and collaboration!

Unwavering success aside, Kate has held strong to local manufacturing and independent ownership as

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