The Most Stylish Early Learning Centre We’ve Ever Seen!

Though she is a self-admittedly shy person, Danielle Brustman‘s exuberant, immersive spaces betray none of her introversion.

The interior designer’s totally unique, theatrical designs draw on her background in film-set production, which allows a sense of drama and narrative to seep into her imaginative spaces.

With an expansion into furniture and lighting design now under her belt (the experimental ‘Chromatic Fantastic‘ furniture range she designed for an exhibition at Sophie Gannon Gallery is shortlisted in the Furniture Design category for The Design Files + Laminex Design Awards!), her work expands beyond the ‘traditional’ interior design trajectory.

On the back of her most recent project, the Brighton Street Early Learning Centre, we chatted with Danielle about the evolution of her practice.

Hey Danielle! Let’s get right to it, what have you been up to since your truly iconic Rigg Prize room in 2018?

The Rigg Prize

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