Sunday Salon Is A New Affordable Art Platform Curating Local Talent

When Lily Mora returned to Australia after five years living in London, she came back to her hometown art industry with fresh eyes. Almost immediately, she noticed a voracious demand for affordable art among a new generation of first-time buyers starting out their collections.

‘We have many wonderful galleries who cater to the more seasoned art collector, but I felt there was a gap for a well-curated platform for new or first-time buyers,’ Lily explains. ‘I also had a sense from talking to artists that there was an appetite, particularly in Melbourne, for something that’s a bit different to the traditional gallery model.’

With fine-tuned experience in arts marketing and digital communications (Lily worked as the Marketing Manager at London institution, the Tate!) and a keen curatorial eye, the idea for an online marketplace dedicated to affordable Australian art emerged quite naturally. So, she set about creating it herself.

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An Incredible Tent House In The Noosa Hinterland

If you asked an architect to design your dream home, you probably wouldn’t expect them to design a tent. Of course, this is no ordinary tent (being made from material manufactured in France, engineered in Australia, and put together in Manila in the Philippines for $150,000) but it is the central element of this unique house by Sparks Architects

This project was inspired by similar homes designed by the late Australian architect Gabriel Poole, who Dan Sparks, director of Sparks Architects, worked with for six years. ‘Gabriel’s own Tent House and similar projects certainly introduced me to the beauty of simple living environments with a lightweight structure and stripped back materiality,’ Dan says. The architect had worked with this type of structure before in commercial projects, but never in a residential context. ‘We wanted to explore the notion of a camp in a clearing… Albeit one which could fall

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