A Fond Farewell To Modernist Australia!

Modernist Australia

Some could say Trish Callan of Modernist Australia is the guardian angel of Australia’s modernist architecture. What began in 2008 as a mission to raise the profile of mid-century architecture around the country, soon became a vital part of a niche but nation-wide movement to restore and protect heritage homes across Australia from development.

Trish and her partner Pete Bacaks have faithfully documented modernist homes week in, week out as they’ve hit the market, hoping to keep these distinctive properties in the right hands (or – more specifically, out of the wrong hands!). In the process, they’ve built a devoted community of mid-century modern enthusiasts across Australia.

It’s with a heavy heart that after 12 years, Trish is finally ceasing to operate the Modernist Australia website. She isn’t selling the domain name or handing the reins over to another editor. It’s simply that all good things must come

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A House Within A Garden

Most Australian residential blocks feature a dwelling followed by a backyard, but in this Fitzroy North house, the garden is literally and conceptually central to the entire project. 

The house itself spans two separate buildings, the first containing a guest bedroom and a workshop. This street-facing building could easily be mistaken as an authentic workers’ cottage upon first glance, but is in fact a newly-constructed structure inspired by the area’s architectural heritage. Rob Kennon Architects have achieved this look by drawing on the proportions of a traditional workers’ cottage, and consolidating the verandah and roof into a single form. Timber battens mask the facade, allowing the traditional proportions of the cottage to be articulated in a graphic manner.

A central corridor leads through the front cottage into the heart of the home – the garden. Designed in close collaboration with Eckersley Garden Architecture, this space maximises access to sunlight

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