A Totally Transfixing Concrete Retreat

The clients who engaged Architects EAT to design this retreat-like family home in Kew were seeking a contemporary residence that would offer both enhanced privacy, and a strong connection to the outdoors. So, inspired by a fairytale-like ruin buried in a forest, the architectural team set about creating a sense of seclusion and self-containment, whilst also engaging with nature at every opportunity, and maximising natural light.

‘On the street the house presents itself as a faceless geometrical composition,’ explains director Albert Mo. The white, aluminium facade forms a single mass when viewed from the street front, but begins to expose its connected concrete bodies as you advance toward the entry.

The house unfolds with a sense of raw, unexpected grandeur as you move through it. Scale and proportion are exaggerated, as monolithic beams buttress the concrete vaults that make up the open plan space, while natural light filters through extensive

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