Transparent Glamping Cabin Immerso Airbnb

Published: about 2 hours ago

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Sleeping directly under the stars might sound romantic to you. Or it might sound like an invitation for bugs to crawl freely over you as you sleep. That’s where the transparent cabin comes in. With a clear roof over your head, you can feel as if you’re sleeping under the stars, while also staying sheltered from the elements.

One such cabin is currently available for rent on Airbnb. Called “Immerso,” the prefabricated structure was designed by architects Fabio Vignolo and Francesca Turnaturi to be quick and easy to install. 

The cabin has a birch plywood frame, anchored by metal to a plexiglass roof and walls. It’s just big enough for a double bed and coffee table, which makes sense, considering it’s basically a fancy tent. It

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A Cascading, Compact Garden That Envelopes Its Newtown Home

Mark Bell of Bell Landscapes cautions against minimalism when designing a garden on a small footprint space. ‘There is the perception that using lots of plants encloses the space and makes it feel smaller.’ But rather, he says, empty pockets make the space feel sparse and underwhelming.

By carefully considering the compact dimensions and curating a thoughtful selection of plants, Mark devised a planting scheme of varied textures, shapes and sizes to create an illusion of depth in this suburban Newtown garden. This clever trick of layering is no more apparent that in the ground coverings, which are dense and varied, each offering different heights and textures of foliage.

Mark;s initial brief was to envelope the pre-existing terrace house with greenery. With a rear terrace, rooftop garden and internal courtyard to work with, his focus was to spread the plantings across various levels and sections of the site. Sticking to

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