Showstopping Ceramic Lamps And Sculptures By Sarah Nedovic

Sarah Nedovic‘s back-to-front route to lighting design is evident in her ‘Lady’ lamps. After picking up her first lump of clay only a few years ago, the artist (and now lighting designer!) started experimenting with sculpture, before her interests expanded to lighting. Now her sculptural ceramic bodies form the bases of her lamps, standing tall and proud as works of art in their own right. The sharp line of each ‘Lady’s’ lampshade fans out gracefully, perched atop each base almost like a striking hat. They’re total showstoppers, and perfect studies in balance, shape and form.

Hey Sarah! Can you tell us a little more about the process of creating you Lady lamps? What materials do you use, and how long do they usually take? 

For my lamps, I always start by sketching the designs on paper and then use the drawings as a guide for how the pieces come

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This Lorne Home Is A Dream Collaboration Between Two Architects

‘Two Sheds’ is the product of a close collaboration between two architects: Roger Nelson, the founding principal of NH Architecture who has decades of experience behind him, and Ben Shields, the founder and design director at DREAMER, who prior to this project, had never been the lead architect on a build of this scale. 

The house is actually Roger’s personal holiday home shared with his wife Jane, four children, and their children’s families. Roger and Jane were seeking a place where all parties could escape from the city to reconnect with one another and the outdoors. 

Despite the serene outcome of the project, it may be surprising to learn that the home is, in fact, vastly different to what was initially proposed.

Roger and Jane had originally designed a much larger 700 square house for this previously vacant bush block, just outside of Lorne, Victoria, at which point they

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