A Sustainable, Responsibly Dense Townhouse Project In Elwood

Multi-residential developments often get a bad rap, but when executed responsibly, these provide a valuable contribution to our expanding cities. Why? Because, simply put, there just isn’t room in our capital cities for everyone to own a big house with a garden anymore. With Australia’s population on the rise, we need to be designing thoughtful mid-sized multi-residential developments, to curb urban sprawl and keep people happily housed in central locations, at a slightly higher density. 

Ruskin Elwood is one such development, which sees two houses replaced with four townhouses, designed with significant sustainability credentials. The project, designed by Fieldwork and delivered in collaboration between Ruskin Property Group and HIP V. HYPE not only seeks to enrich the lives of residents, but all those who walk past every day, along the adjacent Elwood Canal. ‘We were keen to demonstrate that well designed, high performance sustainable homes can increase density in

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