A Mindful, Minimal Take On Modernist Design

There are several clear influences that underpin the Ruxton Rise Residence – a recently built home by Studiofour.

Located in Beaumaris, a bayside Melbourne suburb once dominated by mid-century homes, Studiofour saw the opportunity to draw on the area’s architectural heritage in the design. ‘Creating a new home within this area should be deemed a privilege, and should pay respect to this architectural history,’ says Sarah Henry, co-director at Studiofour. ‘Taking cues from the local mid-century homes, our solution sought to demonstrate that by maintaining a small footprint, we could deliver a high-quality building that relied on authentic, honest materials and construction techniques.’

The clients saw this home not only as a physical structure, but as an expression of their values: family, health and integrity. Taking these principles into account, Studiofour’s design explores what is required for a young family to live minimally and mindfully. One of the key

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Simone Haag’s Guide To Mount Buller + Mansfield

We weren’t a snow-going family when I was a kid – the one trip we went on gave the Griswolds a run for their money! I’m surprised I ever made it back there, but landing a job on Mt Buller in the early 2000s helped the cause, and I am so thankful for that.

From very humble beginnings at Mt Buller, I was lucky enough to go on to Heli-Board in Canada, and work for multiple seasons in Chamonix, France. But I will always see Mt Buller as my home mountain. I even met my husband there – he snowboarded professionally for five years and went on to coach for Team Buller. So it’s safe to say that I am now part of a snow family!

I feel that the Mansfield Mt Buller region demonstrates a slower pace of life – stopping to chat with people in the street; fresh

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