A Cross-Country Collaboration Between A Saddler + A Furniture Maker

Johnny Nargoodah is a Nyikina man from Fitzroy Crossing, who has spent most of his life as a saddler on remote cattle stations in Western Australia. Trent Jansen is a contemporary furniture and object designer from coastal New South Wales. The pair met in 2016, in Johnny’s hometown, as part of the Fremantle Arts Centre’s ‘In Cahoots’ project, where they collaborated on a leather work project with Mangkaja artist, Rita Minga. This was the beginning of a deep creative partnership and long-lasting friendship between the two.

Partu (the Walmajarri word for ‘skin’) is Johnny and Trent’s latest collaboration of conceptual furniture, which is exhibiting now at Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert in Sydney. Comprising of two collections with distinct styles, the leatherwork pieces explore the relationship between materials and the learning process involved in collaboration. ‘Saddle’ leans on Johnny’s experience as a saddler on cattle stations, and sees upholstery leather stretched taughtly

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