A Mid-Century Inspired Prefab Extension!

The owners of this mid-century home in Elsternwick loved the original architecture of the home, but were in need of more space and a more contemporary layout to suit their growing family. 

Modular building and design company Modscape were brought on to extend the home with two key criteria in mind: retain the feel of the existing home throughout the interiors, and open up the floor plan. The plan was to renovate the front of the home to form a large master suite, add an upstairs children’s area, and replace the existing living room with an open-plan domain. 

The extension takes the form of a simple open-plan structure, with materials that reference the existing home. Prue Lavery, design manager at Modscape, explains, ‘We wanted to take the heart and soul of the existing home and update it with a collection of high impact and raw finishes that complement the

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