What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need? How to Pick the Right BTUs

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I’m a huge baby about temperature, and fans sometimes just don’t cut it. So in the midst of a recent heatwave I decided I was going to bite the bullet and get an air conditioner. But when I started researching online, I found myself confused by the various units’ cooling and efficiency numbers, with prices seemingly directly correlated with each. I didn’t really know what any of them meant. Given the size of my apartment, how big of an air conditioner did I need?

“Many people buy an air conditioner that is too large, thinking it will provide better cooling. However, an oversized air conditioner is actually less effective—and wastes energy at the same time,” explains the very helpful Energy Star website. “Air conditioners remove both heat and humidity from the air. If

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The Painted Papier-Mâché World Of Morgana Celeste

If only we were all as motivated as Morgana Celeste. The multi-hyphenate creative is trained in textile design and floristry, serving as co-founder of her successful company Candy MT during the day (the pair were shortlisted in The Design Files Design Awards in 2019 for their floral creations!) and making her eccentric, textured paintings in her spare time.

Morgana’s artistic practice started out of the need to decorate the white, empty walls in her rambling Fitzroy North house, but also from an insatiable creative drive that needed more tending than her business alone could provide. ‘In creative jobs like floristry, you can start to feel the pressure to be good or have the next big idea, which can be exhausting,’ she explains. ‘I find it helpful to have another outlet to blow off steam.’ Despite her flourishing floristry career, her creativity was losing a bit of its magic to

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