Haaks Expandable Camper Tiny Home

Between tiny home and RV is a new mobile camper created by Dutch company Haaks. With hydraulic legs, it lifts off a flatbed truck and plants itself on the ground, opening up to reveal a two-story tiny dwelling.

Named the Opperland, the camper comes attached to a Fiat Ducato, which you can drive around on its own by day, until you’re ready to pack up camp. 

Inside the camper, the downstairs section includes a bench and a kitchen, with a sink, induction cooktop, and mini fridge/freezer. The appliances are powered by a 360-ah lithium-ion battery.

In the corner is a small bathroom with toilet and shower. A low-profile staircase next to the kitchen leads upstairs to a loft mini-bedroom with a double mattress and skylight.

Since releasing the Opperland, Haaks has also developed a second camper, called the Niederland. A more traditional take on the camper, it has

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An Expertly Updated Mid-Century Masterpiece Is On The Market!

Catherine Mazzotta of Modernist Interiors Eltham is like a guardian angel of mid-century modern architecture, with divine jurisdiction in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne. She has lived and renovated three mid-century homes in Eltham, Templestowe and Hurstbridge, viewing herself as the custodian of these treasured architectural gems, rather than their owner. Catherine calls this slice of outer Melbourne the ‘green wedge’, where bushland-surrounded houses designed by iconic modernist architects and builders like Alistair Knox, Sibbel Builders and Fasham Johnson sustain their legacies.

When undergoing a renovation on a heritage home, Catherine first considers how to restore these character homes, rather than demolishing anything. ‘Once we’ve decided on what is staying, we work on the living spaces and the flow of the home,’ Catherine explains. ‘We carefully consider the floor plan and maintain a balance in the living spaces. A good modernist architect will design a home so the interior

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