5 Designers Showed Us the Smallest, Coolest Decor in Their Homes

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Want to learn to master design elements? You don’t need to take a class to learn about balance, color, and scale: Just watch the pros. All weekend long, through Instagram and right here on the site, Apartment Therapy is hosting the Small/Cool Experience at Home to connect you directly to designers—and all of their best tips and secrets.

It turns out scale is really important. Living in a small space provides you one very big opportunity: Tiny apartments let you harness the power of tiny objects to make an outsized impact. So why not introduce something unique, handmade, luxe, and yeah—small.

On IGTV, we asked five of the Small/Cool designers to show us their favorite small objects inside their homes, and every single one turned up something crafty, handmade, or one-of-a-kind. We

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